About us

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We are Flavie and Marco 👋

We created Kookie Learning to help our profession evolve and grow.

We aim to strike a balance between tradition and modernity, manuality and science.

Our story is simple: we are a couple of passionate osteopaths who love our profession and love people. Behind Kookie, there’s also our big family, with our 4 children who are part of the adventure and support us!


Marco Gabutti

Osteopath, MSc in Industrial Engineering

I was born in Italy and at the age of 3 we moved to Belgium where I grew up and studied until I was 23.

After 20 years as a practising osteopath, I now devote myself full-time to training, both as a teacher and as an organiser with Kookie Learning.

I love keeping up to date with what’s going on in the profession and helping it to evolve in my own way. I’m heavily involved in updating the teaching of cranial therapy, in particular by giving talks to teachers.

A music lover and geek at heart, I edit a podcast in which I interview experts in their field to help spread their work and vision in a stimulating way.

The most important thing for me is to keep learning fun, and that’s why at Kookie our motto is to learn while having fun.


Flavie Gabutti

Osteopath, specialised in paediatrics and gynaecology - Supporting women and children

I’m from Caen and was born into a family of osteopaths and carers, where this profession was an obvious choice from childhood.

Passionate about support, manual therapy and human contact, I began studying osteopathy in 1999 in the Paris region.

I started working with Marco and Pierre Tricot in 2003 in Granville. We then took off to open our own practice in 2008 in Granville, followed by Coutances. In 2022, we left for a new adventure with our children and changed our lives to live in Marseille.

In 2020, we closed the practice for 2 months for confinement… Marco’s brain was bubbling with ideas and Kookie was born. What an adventure!

Today, with Marco, we form a responsive and complementary duo at the service of the osteopathic profession.

One day, we found ourselves confined to the house (#thanks_covid) 😝

Marco was working on a literature review on positional cranial deformities over time.

A colleague, Gianni Marangelli, had been involved in drafting recommendations on the management of cranial deformities for the “Haute Autorité de Santé”.

This sparked off a debate among some colleagues, and lively discussions at home (as is often the case) 🗣️

The idea came to him to contact experts on the subject of cranial deformities directly and invite them to speak live via webinars in order to help disseminate reliable, sourced knowledge on this specific topic. 📺

He came up with a name, designed a logo, created a website and in just a few days had assembled a team of specialists on the subject and launched the first lives !

les debuts de kookie

The series was a big hit and the subject was a passion, even beyond osteopaths. 🚀

Attendees appreciated the quality of the content, with speakers with real expertise, innovative visuals that were fun to watch, and a relaxed atmosphere that made the knowledge and speakers particularly accessible. 👌

Kookie Learning was thus born with the ambition to move and improve the osteopathic profession, as well as that of manual therapists.

And ever since, we’ve been contributing to the maturity and legitimacy of the profession.

Our mission is to help osteopaths continue to enjoy doing their job, while being at the cutting edge of osteopathy. 🎯

Why choose Kookie Learning ? 😋

What sets us apart

We’re 100% committed to helping you continue your learning, update yourself and improve your skills in the right conditions.

With Kookie Learning, stimulate your thinking and rediscover the joy of learning 💪

Avec Kookie Learning, stimulez votre réflexion et retrouvez la joie d’apprendre

What motivated us
to create training courses ⚡

We had experienced several disappointments with training organisations for osteopaths. 😕

Some were offering content that we didn’t think was very high quality, or were limiting the sharing of knowledge in order to be able to sell other training courses behind it….

They were too much like “profit-making machines”! ❌

That’s why we decided to change the world of osteo continuing education.

👉 By facilitating the transmission of knowledge, which is essential for better patient care and interprofessional collaboration.

Today, Kookie Learning is :

formation continue en ostéopathie en presentiel avec Kookie Learning

Face-to-face training

(only in France & in french)
formation continue en ostéopathie en elearning avec Kookie Learning

Elearning training

formation continue en ostéopathie avec les webinaires de Kookie Learning